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Why should you choose FastBuy Properties instead of traditional real estate or other quick sale companies? Perhaps you wish to sell your home but don’t want to go through the hassle of having your property on the market for months and having no luck when it comes to receiving an offer that you would like. At FastBuy Properties we have many years of experience and great knowledge of the property market so we promise to handle your sale professionally and smoothly. We offer you a quick sale that will allow you to sell your property in Dundee fast.

Remove the waiting time of traditional real estate and have cash in your bank account within 1 week of accepting our offer. Send us your details and we will get back to you with an offer for your property, once we agree on an offer we will set a completion date that best fits you and within 1 week you will have your money. We will handle the paperwork and even help provide you with a suitable lawyer for your sale. Don’t expect to pay additional legal fees, we will cover them.



Sell House Fast Dundee

Despite the property market in Dundee doing very well in recent years, a drop in prices is predicted for this year. With the prices of property being fairly high it is understandable that it will most likely take longer for property to sell as property buyers simply cannot afford to buy quickly. We understand that you may not wish to have your property on the market for months only to receive substandard offers, which is why you will have a better chance with us.



Quick sale Dundee – How the process works

Quick sale companies are companies that offer to buy your house for cash usually at a discounted rate, and aim to do so quickly. At FastBuy Properties we will let you know how much your property is worth and how much we will buy it for.

Are quick sale companies a scam? No, not all quick sale companies are a scam. There have been a few cases of quick sale companies changing how much they are willing to pay at the last minute when they have already agreed on a set price. We assure you that this will not happen with FastBuy Properties. Once we agree on an offer we stick by that price. We intend to keep the great reputation that we have established in the property industry.

Sell your property in Dundee fast with FastBuy Properties.

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