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If you want to sell your house in Aberdeen, then we at Fast Buy Properties are expertly placed to assist and very happy to help.

In the last few years the city of Aberdeen has been subject to a drop in the demand for property, due to the fall in oil prices and subsequent lack of jobs in the once-oil rich city. By 2016, at its worst point, the market had fallen dramatically, and average property prices sat uncomfortably at £159,634. In today’s market, as the oil industry continues its slow recovery, property prices are revealed to be at a 20-year peak and on the rise by Aberdeen-based property experts, Aberdein Considine. With an average house price of £195,565, the company now claims that growth is on the way, attributing this prediction to improvements in the oil market, an increase in jobs and increased investment and expenditure on infrastructure in the region.

In spite of the company’s optimistic outlook, house prices in Aberdeen have fallen 3.8 per cent since last year and when compared with the market of just 4 years ago, you can pick up a two bedroom flat in the city for the same price you would have paid in 2014. It can be depressing to read these stats when you are looking for a quick sale and you don’t want to make significant losses on your property sale.

So, how can FastBuy Properties help?

We understand how frustrating it can be if you have had your house on the market for several months and received little interest and no offers of merit. Or when you are researching the sale of your property and are hit by pages of information on why Aberdeen is still a buyers’ market after all this time. You may feel helpless in the face of the market and don’t have time to wait for predicted property price rises in these uncertain, Brexit times. We can assure you that you are not the only one experiencing this problem, we’ve dealt with many customers who have had similar problems in your area.

Regardless of the fall in the supply and demand of property in Aberdeen we promise to give you a cash offer for your property and ensure that the money will be available in your bank within 7 days of agreeing the offer with us. We have made a number of quick turnaround sales for our clients and ensured that they left us happy with a quick house sale and cash in their bank. Check out our reviews online to see what our happy customers have to say about working with us.



What is a Fast Sale Company?

A fast sale company will offer you quick cash for your property by buying your property directly or finding a third party buyer very quickly. They buy your property usually at a discounted rate with cash.

We are a fast sale company, we do what we promise and will work with you to buy your property in a very short timeframe. Businesses like us are in a position to make a cash offer for your property, after discussion and negotiation with you, by buying the house directly or finding a third-party buyer very quickly. We can do this because we purchase from you at a mutually agreed, discounted rate with cash. If you are looking for a quick cash sale of your property, that is exactly what we specialise in. Once we agree the price with you, the cash can be in your bank account within as little as 7 days. Because we have a team of staff based in Aberdeen, with extensive local knowledge of the market, we are exceptionally well placed to help you get your property in the Granite City sold fast.



Why choose us?

Sell your house Aberdeen via FastBuy Properties, not only will you receive money in your bank within 7 days of accepting the offer and have to pay no additional legal fees, you won’t have to wait several months for your house to sell or give buyers a viewing of your property.

We have many years of experience selling houses and guarantee that you will get a fair valuation and offer for your property. Because all our staff are highly trained, we can promise that no matter who manages your sale and helps you get your property sold, you will be dealing with an expert in your region. We understand the Aberdeen market and are ready to help you.

Here are some quick pointers on why FastBuy Properties are expertly placed to help you make the sale you’ve been thinking about:

*   Sell easily and quickly.
*   Pay nothing up front.
*   We will buy your house in Aberdeen fast.
*   We cover the whole of Scotland.
*   We have a lot of experience selling houses quickly and with our highly trained staff we guarantee that no matter who oversees your sale it will be handled by an expert.
*   With our many years of experience and understanding of the property market we can assure you that you will receive a valuation for your house and promise to give you an offer promptly.
*   We promise to complete the sale quickly and that the cash will be available for use in your bank account within 7 days.
*   The process is simple. Submit your postcode and fill out your contact details and after reviewing your information we will evaluate your property and send you an offer. Once you accept the offer we will commence with preparing for the sale. We will take care of the legalities by sorting the paperwork and paying for the legal costs. We will also help find you a suitable lawyer that is appropriate for your sale. After agreeing on a completion date that suits you, the property will be bought on a sold as seen basis.

Sell your property in Aberdeen with FastBuy Properties. We buy any house fast.

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