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For over 40 years we’ve been buying houses for cash - FAST, and we’d love to talk to you about yours. As Scotland’s premier house buyers we've helped thousands of sellers just like you.

We buy any property in any condition

Cash in your bank in under 7 days

Sell your house fast for cash

Genuine cash offer

Absolutely no fees and no obligation

We buy any property in any condition

Cash in your bank in under 7 days

Sell your house fast for cash

Genuine cash offer

Absolutely no fees and no obligation

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1Enter your postcode to receive a free online valuation of your property.

2 Accept the offer and agree on a completion date.

3 Complete the sale, sell your house fast and receive the cash in your bank.

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FastBuy Properties FAQs

Why should I choose FastBuy Properties opposed to traditional real estate or other quick sale companies?

At FastBuy Properties we promise to work meticulously and efficiently to ensure that your sale is carried out to the best standard. We have accumulated many years of experience and knowledge of the property market and we have refined our process to guarantee our customers a quick property sale.

How long does it take to receive an offer for my property?

After submitting your property details for your free property valuation, you should receive an offer in a few hours or the following day.

I need someone to buy my house now. How long will the sale take?

After agreeing to an offer you will be asked to set a completion date for the sale that best suits you. You are guaranteed to receive the cash for your property in your bank account within 7 days of the completion date.

Will you buy my property in any condition?

Yes. We will buy your property in any condition.

Where do you buy properties?

Although we are a Glasgow based company, we buy properties all over the country and promise to buy your property wherever you are located in Scotland.

Will I need to pay any hidden fees?

Not only will you not have to pay any hidden fees, we will cover the cost of any legal fees and will also take care of any paperwork to make sure the process is easy for you.

Does your service promise confidentiality?

Our service guarantees the confidentiality of your sale. We will not exploit or give out your details to anyone.

How do I know I am getting the best offer for my property?

We have created a great reputation amongst the property community and we wish to keep our reputation by providing our customers with a service they are happy with. We sell property everyday.

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Why do people come to us to sell their house fast?

There are a number of reasons that people come to us to sell their property. Some of the most common are featured below:
In debt

People in debt may come to us in hopes of selling their house quickly for fast cash. Instead of waiting months to receive a less than satisfying offer for their property, they hope to find a way to sell it quickly as a means to pay off their debt. Of course, this could be achieved with our service.

Struggling to sell

Some people may just be having no luck finding a suitable buyer for their property. They may have received few to no offers for their property, or any offers they are happy with.

Estate Agent hasn’t delivered

Many people come to us as a result of having an unsuccessful selling experience with estate agents. They have become discouraged with the property market after few or no viewings at all.

Property needs repaired

We have had many clients tell us that their property needs repaired or renovated in some way before they have any chance of it selling. Fortunately, that is not the case at FastBuy Properties. We promise to buy your property no matter what condition it’s in.

Houses in my area aren’t selling

It may be that properties in your area are struggling to sell for a number of factors. No matter the reason your areas not performing well, we offer our fast property buying service wherever you are.

Need to sell an inherited property

We have even had cases in which someone inherits a property and they are no longer interested in holding onto it. We offer a quick solution for this by offering to buy your property in exchange for quick cash.

Sell your house fast. A great alternative to an estate agent.

FastBuy Properties Woodside Place GlasgowWhen selling your property with an estate agent, there is a very common approach that is usually taken. The entire process can be rather lengthy and also disheartening if the sale doesn’t go as planned. Once you have decided to sell your property with an estate agent, you will have to first find one you wish to sell with then have them view your property and conduct viewings. You will also need to instruct a solicitor.


At FastBuy Properties we offer a quick sale option that is arguably faster and much simpler. Simply input your postcode in the box provided and fill in the form to receive your free property valuation and our offer for your property today. When an offer is agreed upon we will set a completion date that is suitable for you and within 7 days you will receive the money in your bank.

We can take the stress out of the situation

Every day we talk to customers on the phone about their situations. We come across a wide range of stressful scenarios where a customer requires a quick property sale. A common thing we hear from customers is that they want to sell their house for market value or mortgage value. This is not always possible due to the property market in the specific area as well as other factors. However if it is possible to sell your property for the market value we will do everything in our ability to do so.


Many of our customers ask if selling their house with a zero upfront fee is possible. They don’t want the expense of an upfront fee that other kinds of property selling services ask for without the confidence that their house will definitely sell. At FastBuy Properties you have nothing to lose. By submitting your details you get your free property valuation and the offer for your property, you aren’t required to accept the offer if you are unhappy with it.


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At FastBuy Properties, we have accumulated years of experience and knowledge of the property market. We now operate across every region of the country and are able to provide a fast property sales service wherever you are selling in Scotland.

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