Can we really buy your house for cash? Yes we can.

“How can I sell my house for cash?” That’s a question we hear customers ask every day. When it comes to buying houses for cash, fast, we don’t mess about. Fill in your details in the box above and receive an instant cash offer today. It really is that simple.

We realise that this may sound too good to be true but rest assured that we have been buying houses for cash for over 40 years, and we have no plans of stopping any time soon.

How it works?

Apply for a cash offer with our three step process
1. Enter your postcode then fill in your contact details.
2. Receive a cash offer, review and accept it.
3. Agree on a completion date and receive your cash payment.

How can we promise to buy your house outright?

Two words. Clout and contacts. We have the experience to be able to value your house effectively and offer to buy it ourselves. We also have a vast network of cash property buyers available to draw upon, meaning that either way you will get a fair valuation and offer for your property.

A great alternative to a traditional estate agents

You may prefer to use a traditional estate agent but remember, if you need to sell your house fast you have a much higher chance of that with us. Another benefit of using us is that you will pay no additional legal fees.

FastBuy Properties are a company you can trust

There are a lot of quick ‘cash for homes companies’ around to choose from and one of the most common complaints in the past has been offers that have been agreed with the seller, then revised at the last minute. You don’t have to worry about that with us. Once we send you an offer we stick by it. We have a great reputation in the property industry and we aim to keep it.

Get your fee offer today

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