Sell Property due to Divorce

A divorce can be a trying time for all concerned and when you’re going through a divorce selling a house is another hassle you don’t need. When it comes to a jointly owned property you may not wish to wait the normal amount of time that it will take for an estate agent to complete a sale. Rather than you waiting for months for the right buyer to come along, we can offer to buy your house today.

The cash will arrive in your bank account within 7 days.


Why choose us?


Fast completion time

Our years of experience selling properties ensures that we are professional and efficient at selling houses quickly. We have a well-honed sales process that we have executed thousands of times and we can complete the sale of your property quickly.


Divide your assets quickly

Having assets tied up in a jointly owned property can prove to be a strain on an already difficult relationship. We will provide a fast house valuation with an offer to buy, allowing you to have clarity on how to proceed with dividing up assets.


We will buy any property

You won’t have to bother with any pre-sale renovating or decorating as we will be prepared to buy your property in its current condition, no matter what that is. We have helped hundreds of couples dealing with a divorce to sell their property, and we can help you too.