How can we help to stop repossession?

Having a property repossessed is a stressful situation that home owners can find themselves in after a change in their financial conditions. When mortgage, credit card or loan payments become too much the repossession of a home can seem inevitable. After a period of missed payments a mortgage lender may decide to repossess the property.

Selling a home via an estate agent can take months with multiple viewings and customers in buying chains making it a slow process at the best of times. We have a faster solution.


Receive a cash offer for your home

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We can help you to stop the repossession of your home by providing a valuation and then offering a cash offer to buy the property. We will value your property based on its location and the current condition of the market. We can buy your house no matter what condition it is in.


Use the cash to pay off any debts

We won’t keep you waiting for months to have your house sold. If you are happy with our offer we can complete the purchase of your home within 7 days, allowing you to pay off your debts.

We have a network of buyers on hand to sell property to or we will choose to buy your house outright ourselves. Either way, we will buy your house to allow you a better chance of paying off credit card debts or stopping your house being repossessed.


We have a long history of buying properties

We have been buying properties across Scotland for over 40 years and we have helped home owners to stop foreclosure of their properties. View our full page of reviews to see how we have helped people in the past.