Sell your house in 7 days

So, you’ve decided to sell your house and you need to make it happen quickly.  What are the top things you can do to make that sale more easy? The good news is that while selling and moving house is still down as one of the most stressful things you can do, there are lots of top tips to help make the process run that bit more smoothly and get the property sold within a tight timeframe.

Enhance your curb appeal

First impressions count a lot when it comes to buying a house and you can do plenty to help make sure that from the first moment they see it, potential buyers are impressed and can see the potential in the property.  Things like mowing the lawn, tidying flower beds, smartening up painted fences and chipped garden walls will all help to ensure that your house is being viewed in the best possible light.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to do this, just a bit of attention to the little details and some elbow grease to get things looking tidy and presentable.  Imagine yourself in the buyers shoes as they stand and check out the house from the road.  They want to see something with instant appeal, not perfection – you’re just helping them to see that your property is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

What makes your house stand out?

This is a good question to ask yourself when you’re considering getting your property on the market.   What made you purchase it in the first place?  Was it close to good schools, the shops, a local pub and amenities, perhaps it was the big garden which is perfect for a growing family.  Identify what it is that your house offers and then make sure it’s included in the sales description or when speaking to viewers.  Think about the area you live in, the house position, the special things about this place that will make it stand out and people will be interested.

Declutter and show a blank canvas

It almost goes without saying but people viewing a house for purchase don’t want to have to see past your Granny’s old ornaments and trinkets or 17 family portraits on the walls, or bits of broken furniture you always meant to clear out of the spare room.   You would be amazed at what some people think passes for uncluttered but it is definitely worth giving a bit of thought with an objective eye.   People viewing a property are trying to imagine their future life in the four walls you’re selling so make this as easy as possible for them to see.  Clear out the clutter that collects in corners and at the bottom of stair cases.  Clear the shelves of objects and photos.  Take out furniture that clutters small rooms and try to present your house as a blank canvas to viewers.  It’s not personal, you want to sell this place quick so get rid of the junk!

Clean the place and give its appeal a boost

It is essential that you show your house off as clean and tidy.  Cleanliness gives the impression to people that the place will be easy to keep, that it’s ready to move straight into and will have much more instant appeal than a house with grimy windows, stained carpets and filthy toilets to look past.  Even the every day household bits and pieces such as unmade beds and laundry hanging up in the kitchen will have an impact on someone viewing your property, and not in a good way.  Make beds, open curtains, clear the dirty dishes, put laundry out of sight, tidy up the kids toys and give everything a really good clean.  Investing your time one morning in really spring cleaning the place will make the house feel and look cleaner, brighter and far more appealing to those lining up to view.

Sweet smelling for fast selling

Okay, we’re not saying to spend a fortune on expensive air fresheners and fancy candles but making the effort to ensure the house doesn’t have any bad odours will go a long way to enhancing its appeal.  Blocked drains, mouldy carpets and other unpleasant smells will put people off leading them to think there may be underlying problems they would have to deal with later down the line.

Help yourself by dealing with blockages and take initial steps at dealing with things that make bad smells.  Open the windows to air rooms, take out the bins before viewings, make sure that the cat box is cleaned and do your best to hoover any pet hairs.  Also, if you smoke in your house at the moment, try to stop until the house is sold – you might not smell cigarette smoke, the nappy bin or your pets for that matter but people coming into the house will pick up on any strong odours and it’s not likely to be a turn on.   On the flip side of dealing with stinky smells, you can look at popping on a fresh coffee just before you’re expecting viewings.  It’s true that positive smells like brewing coffee, baking bread and cakes give people a happy feeling and that can help persuade them that your house is the one to buy!

Get the asking price right

With all these changes and fixes made, you should be ready to call in the professionals.  Of course, you don’t need to use an estate agent, there are numerous online businesses that will help you sell your home or you can do it privately through advertising the property yourself on places like Gumtree and in local newspapers. However, the good thing about getting the opinion of a local estate agent, is that they’ll give you a reasonable price for your property in the current market. Why not ask a couple to give yourself an idea of the price and take it from there.

Professional photos

Last but not least, help yourself get viewers in the door by ensuring that your photos of the property are top notch.  Take them when the house is clean and help maximise the chance that people are impressed enough to come and see the property for themselves. If you’re using an estate agent, this is one of the things their fee will cover but you can always hire a professional photographer for a small fee and help present the house well in photos for use in advertising online.


Too much work?

So, that’s our list. It’s not easy to sell a house and as you can see it can take up a lot of your time. There is an alternative though. At FastBuy Properties we have been buying properties for years. We offer a much faster alternative than using an estate agent or selling the property yourself. We provide a free house valuation with an offer to buy your property, and we can do that today. To receive your no obligation offer to buy click here. 

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